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Feature Films

We are interested in both the fictional and in non-fiction in a search for the most relevant dilemmas of the present world

The Stone

Short Films

We inquire about the eerie depths of human psychology and social relations

Things In Common

Cultural Projects

We specialize in developing audiovisual, photographic and editorial proposals related with cultural themes

Emmet Gowin
Impressionism and Postimpressionism
Van Gogh
Jean Paul Gaultier
Apuntes Íntimos

About Us

Rinoceronte Films SL was founded in 2008, cognizant of the tremendous change cinema is undergoing. Celluloid filmmaking is being replaced by the potentialities promised by digital recording. Conventional distribution in film theatres is making room for new processes of digital distribution, as well as for independent and private modes of projection (such as home cinema) where expensive technical systems are no longer required for viewing.

Against this democratizing backdrop, Nayra and Javier envisioned a production company that would always keep in focus the qualitative value of cinema in a changing technological world; where the speed enabled by the digital environment would highlight rather than gloss over reflective and critical intensity.

Our in-house productions strive to address concerns of psychological, affective or socio-cultural importance, and explore the existential and anthropological questions of contemporary man. In turn, in our collaborations with other organizations, whether private businesses or cultural centers, we endeavor to ensuresa depth and rigor in the issues being dealt with.

This concern with the fascinating and complex in this world underscores the name of production company, Rinoceronte, Spanish for “rhinoceros”. The rhinoceros conflates conflicting realities: past and present, peace and violence, durability and extinction, low sight and high sensibility.



“Flying Fish”, “Canary Shorts” Award for Best Canarian Short Film
9th Tenerife Shorts, Tenerife, 2022

“Flying Fish”, International Distribution in the catalogue Canarias en Corto
16th Distribution Catalogue “Canarias en Corto 2022”, 2022

“Drifts”, Best Canarian Short Film Award
1st Documentary Film Festival Atlántica Documenta, 2021

“Drifts”, Special Jury Mention
53th Festival de Cine Documental de Cádiz, 2021

“Drifts”, International Distribution in the catalogue Canarias en Corto
15th Distribution Catalogue “Canarias en Corto 2021”, 2021

“Selfie”, International Distribution in the catalogue Canarias en Corto
14th Distribution Catalogue “Canarias en Corto 2019-2020”, 2020

“In Those Lands”, Best Short Film Award – Official Selection
10.º IBAFF. Festival Internacional de Cine de Murcia, 2019

“Sub Terrae”, selected in Shorts from Spain Catalogue
Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales, Plataforma de Nuevos Realizadores, Asociación de la Industria del Cortometraje and Coordinadora del Cortometraje Español, 2019

“The Hidden City”, Best Documentary Feroz Critics Award
Feroz Critics Awards, Spain, 2019

“The Hidden City”, First Prize International Feature Film Competition
7.º FIDBA International Documentary Film Festival, Argentina, 2019

“The Hidden City”, Richard Leacock Award – Best Film
18.º Festival Internacional de Cine de Las Palmas, Spain, 2019

“The Hidden City”, Special Jury Award
16.º Eco Film Festival Seoul, South Korea, 2019

“Sub Terrae”, Best Documentary Short Film Adriana & Dolores Elhers Award
Festival Internacional de Cine Silente de México, Mexico, 2018

“Sub Terrae”, Best Documentary Film Award
Premio de Cortometrajes Manolo Villalba de CajaCanarias, 2018

“Sub Terrae”, Best International Short Film Award
9.º Le Cinéma sous les étoiles, Montreal, Canada, 2018

“Sub Terrae”, Special Jury Mention
16.º Festival Internacional Signes de Nuit, Bankog, Thailand, 2018

“Sub Terrae”, Best Short Film Award
Festival de Artes Rendibú, Murcia, 2018

“Sub Terrae”, Best Documentary Film Award
The Globe International Short Film Festival, Wisconsin, United States, 2018

“Sub Terrae”, Best Film Award
Al-Nahj International Film Festival, Kerbala, Iraq, 2018

“Sub Terrae”, Special Jury Mention
20th Ismailia International Film Festival, Ismalia, Egypt, 2018

“Sub Terrae”, Best Short Documentary Film Award
31.ª Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo, Medina del Campo 2018

“Sub Terrae”, Young IBAFF Award
IBAFF 9. Festival Internacional de Cine de Murcia, Murcia, 2018

“Sub Terrae”, Best Canarian Film Award
12.º MiradasDoc. Festival y mercado internacional de cine documental, Guía de Isora (Tenerife), 2018

“Sub Terrae”, Edward Snowden Award
15.º Festival Internacional Signos da Noite, Lisbon, 2017

“Sub Terrae”, Mention «Agua» Short Film
VII Mediu Güeyu, Villaviciosa (Asturias), 2017

“Sub Terrae”, Individual Work “Abycine Short Films” Mention
19.º Abycine, Albacete, 2017

“Sub Terrae”, Special Jury Mention
22.º Cinespaña, Toulouse, 2017

“Sub Terrae”, Best Short Film
49.º Alcances Festival de Cine Documental, Cádiz, 2017

“Sub Terrae”, Best «Ecofilm» National Short Film
Rural Film Fest, Castilla-La Mancha, 2017

“Sub Terrae”, International Distribution Digital 104 Award
17.º Festival Internacional de Cine de Las Palmas, Las Palmas, 2017

“The Building”, Goya Awards Best Documentary Nominee
29.º Goya Awards, Spain, 2015

“Yet Another Day”, Best Main Actress
Festival Nacional de Cine AvilaCine, Ávila, 2014

“Yet Another Day”, Short Film International Distribution “Canarias en Corto”
Catálogo de distribución “Canarias en Corto 2014-2015”

“Un día cualquiera”, Best Short Film
Independent Latin American Film Awards, Méjico 2016

“As Old as the World”, Círculo Precolombino de Oro Award
29.º Festival Internacional de Cine de Bogotá, 2012

“Things in Common”, Foro Canario Best Short Film
12.º Festival Internacional de Cine Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 2011

“Things in Common”, Best Short Film Jury Prize
1.º Festival Cinematol, Tolox Málaga, 2011

“Encounter”, Foro Canario Best Short Film
11.º Festival Internacional de Cine Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 2010

“Encounter”, Best Script
1.º Visualízame. Festival Audiovisual y Mujer, 2011

“Anniversary”, National Grand Prize
6.º Festival Internacional Curtocircuito de Santiago de Compostela, 2009

“Anniversary”, Third Prize in Video
11.º Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Torrelavega, 2009

“Anniversary”, Audience Award
6.º El Plaza en Corto (Madrid), 2009

“Anniversary”, Best Canarian Film Award
4.º Festival de cortometrajes de Arona, Tenerife, 2010



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