A critique of Jonay Armas on “In Those Lands”

The magazine Alisios. Canary Audiovisual Magazine, published today a critique of Jonay Armas about In Those Lands, the latest work directed by Nayra Sanz Fuentes and produced by Rinoceronte Films.

It begins: “Any fruit tastes better if you know the history where it comes from”, said the great Galician author Álvaro Cunqueiro. We invite you to read it complete on this link.

FICA 2018 selects “Sub Terrae”

Brazil, there we go! The International Festival of Cinema and Environmental Video, which celebrates its twentieth edition this year, has selected Sub Terrae. The event will take place from June 5th to 10th, and the short film by Nayra Sanz Fuentes will participate among the 14 works selected in its category.

They tell it, in Portuguese, in this article.

Ecozine Film Festival will show “Sub Terrae”

May begins with a new selection for Sub Terrae: Ecozine Film Festival, whose eleventh edition will begin on the 8th in Zaragoza.

Since 2008, Ecozine aims to accommodate “all those voices and looks which talk about our planet, our present and our future”.

“Sub Terrae” in a silent film festival

«Sub Terrae» continues traveling through international festivals. Now it will be screened twice in The Globe International Silent Film Festival, a film festival of silent movies or, more specifically, made movies made without dialogues or voice narrations.

This year, the festival is organized for the third time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with the purpose of focusing “on the picture as the basic structure of cinema as an art”. They point out that “although with the introduction of sound in cinema we have passed that era long ago, silent cinema is still carrying a large portion of avant-garde and artistic films”.

«Sub Terrae», de nuevo en Italia

Por tercera vez, Sub Terrae se va a proyectar en Italia. Será esta tarde en la ciudad de Urbino, en el marco del 16.º Festival Internazionale di Arte Documentaria e Creazione Audiovisiva – Segni della Notte.

A partir de las 15:00 horas en el Auditorium Collegio Raffaello, dentro del programa 3 de la Competición Internacional de Cortometrajes.

“Sub Terrae” will compete at Ismailia International Film Festival

Tomorrow, the twentieth edition of Ismailia International Film Festival begins. The Egyptian city of Ismailia which will welcome the short film Sub Terrae. This is one of the most important documentary and short film festivals in the country, so we are very excited that they have selected the work of Nayra Sanz Fuentes.

Philosophical Film Festival picks “Sub Terrae”

It’s only a few days before the 8th Philosophical Film Festival begins in the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. The short film Sub Terrae has been selected from almost 3,000 works to compete for the “Golden Owl” award for Best Short Film, awarded by the jury and the public.

The festival will take place between April 12 and 19, and promises to offer “a unique cinematic journey with some visual poems, a taste of contemplative cinema and some interesting philosophical questions to make you ponder over”.

“Sub Terrae” exhibited today in Toronto

Ryerson University School of Image Arts celebrates today the third edition of its Moving-Image-Arts International Short Film Festival. This year, the festival explores the theme of “experimental landscapes” in a broad sense, and for that reason its jury has decided to project Sub Terrae, a short film by Nayra Sanz Fuentes produced by Rinoceronte Films.

Nayra Sanz about “Sub Terrae”

On the occasion of the ninth edition of IBAFF film festival, where Sub Terrae received the Young IBAFF Award, Nayra Sanz Fuentes, its director, was interviewed. Now we share the video in which she details some ideas about the short film.